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For our purposes we are going to mostly focus on #2 of the above definition, but just so you know we do love the small fragments of bread. When I personally think of breadcrumbs I imagine the children’s story of Hansel and Gretel. Some of you may think about digital breadcrumbs for app or website navigation purposes. The Breadcrumb strategy is about leading your prospect to you and the solution, product, job or event you have to offer. It is a combination of marketing and sales and allows each person to build a solid funnel of highly qualified prospects while building strong relationships at the same time (imagine if everyone at a company implemented this strategy). Most of today’s clients don’t want to be sold to and I am sure you can relate. No one wants to be bombarded with sales pitches, marketing material, phone calls, emails, or worse.


Today’s clients are savvy and smart and they have a wealth of information about anything at their fingertips. A buyer will put hours of research in to narrow down their list of potential purchases before they ever reach out for help. So how do you get in front of your prospects “buying process” and augment your current strategy so the prospects gradually lean towards you and what you have to offer? The answer is Breadcrumbs. There is so much information that you can put in front of a prospect before you actually ever email, call, or meet them in person.


Social media is a huge advantage to every buyer and seller…nothing new here, I know. Think about it from the sales and marketers perspective, if a prospect sees your name, face, title, Value-add tagline, company name, shared media or thoughts – do you think any of it will stick in their mind? What if you slowly feed this material out to them in a non-intrusive way? What if you do this many times over the course of a month to 10’s-100’s of people in the same target company per month? From our experience and the experience of our users, the prospects start contacting you and the ones that don’t are more apt to connect and converse with you to start building a relationship. The other plus here is that almost every single prospect will respect you more for not “cold-selling” them. Implementing parts of the Breadcrumbs Strategy with MakeLinx gives your prospects the opportunity to pick and choose if they want to engage you in any way.


The Breadcrumbs Strategy arms followers with techniques for:

  • research methods
  • social media outreach
  • connect request
  • email
  • voicemail


Join us in discussions on Facebook and Twitter around the psychology behind why these approaches work in today’s world of prospecting, sales, and marketing. In our next article we will discuss the research and social media outreach parts of the Breadcrumb strategy.


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