Quickstart Guide

Search – Collect & Save – View


***VERY IMPORTANT TIP – Run MakeLinx in it’s own browser window for the best performance.

  1. Doing Your First Search
    • Open the extension and click “New LinkedIn Search” on the Collect Tab
    • This will bring you to the search page on LinkedIn
    • Enter your keywords, level of connections you want to target, and any other criteria. (Try to keep your results list to no more than 800)
    • Once you have your list the way you want it, hit the Save Linx button in the top right-hand corner. You will get a popup letting you know what to do next. Navigate back to the Extension after seeing this message.

  2.  Collecting and Saving Your First Search
    • Once back in the extension click the “Collect Linx” button. This will start a collection process and open a new tab. While this tab is open you can use anything but LinkedIn. We like to follow up on emails!
    • When the collection is complete you will get another message.
    • Head back to the extension and click the Save Results button, name your list and click save.

  3. Viewing Your First List
    • After Saving you will be brought to the View Tab
    • Select the List you want to View from the dropdown and then click Start Viewing Linx. This will open a new tab in Chrome for the viewing process. (Do not use LinkedIn while the viewing is happening or else you will get errors). When the viewing has completed you will be notified.

  4. Managing Your Lists
    • In the extension under the View tab there is a button, “Manage Your Lists”. Clicking this will bring you to your Dashboard on the MakeLinx site (you may need to log in).
    • On the Dashboard you can see the name of each of your lists, number of prospects on each list, last time the list was complete or if the list if paused/in progress, and delete your lists.
    • You can also click on the name of one of your lists. This action will bring you to a LinkedIn search page with all of the criteria you originally entered. You can modify the criteria, Save Linx, and do a new collection then Save the results to make a new list!

  5. FAQ/Wiki and Tips n’ Tricks
    • You can find the link for the FAQ/Wiki on your Dashboard or by visiting here.
    • You can also reach out to us via email at support@makelinx.com or by Contacting Us here.
    • *Tip – We cap auto-views at 800 per day. Viewing a profile 2x a day will get you the highest viewback ratio. Generally people look at their “who’s viewed me” list just before lunch and just before they leave for the day. This means that you would want each list to be around 400 profiles.
    • *Tip – Set your LinkedIn profile up as a marketing page, not a resume. Have a solid tagline about what your product is and/or how you will be adding value to your prospects. Add relevant and easy to consume content to your Summary section and your position section. Whitepapers, Glossies, Videos, and short presentations are great.
    • *Tip – Remember the idea is for the prospect to see your face, company name, how you are going to add value, and something about your product, offering or solution.
    • *Tip – Try to max out on your views everyday and try not to look at the same profile more than a few times a week.

***VERY IMPORTANT TIP – Run MakeLinx in it’s own browser window for the best performance.

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