Are there any limitations to using MakeLinx?

24 May 2017
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When we talk about limitations with MakeLinx use, there are a few topics:

  1. MakeLinx Subscription Plan
    • Depending on your MakeLinx Subscription Plan you will be limited by the # of daily views, and access to other features like the Leads Dashboard and Boost Features.
  2. LinkedIn Search Results and Profile Views
    • LinkedIn limits search results to 1000 regardless of what the total result number shows
    • LinkedIn has a soft limit of about 1000 profile views (exceeding this limit can cause a service disruption) **See MakeLinx Views**
  3. MakeLinx Views
    • Because of the LinkedIn limitations we have set the max # of profile views to 800. This allows you to manually view any viewbacks or new connections safely. The MakeLinx View Limit can be adjusted down if you would like, just contact us via ourĀ Support Page.
      • If your saved list is larger than 800 profiles, MakeLinx will remember where it left off. You can start a view on that list the next day to complete viewing.
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