MakeLinx Update – Endorsements!

08 Dec 2016
by Josh McBride

Happy Holidays everyone!

As many of you have read through our recent email, MakeLinx is going through some updates which will help our users be more efficient with their marketing and sales efforts on LinkedIn. Including some stability enhancements our first round of new features will be added to the Chrome Extension under the new tab, Boost.

While we are still very focused on getting you and your company in front of as many targeted profiles we can we realized that there was something missing from staying in front of those you have brought into your network using MakeLinx. The MakeLinx process still begins with Collect and View feature while Boost will focus on your new and existing 1st degree connections as well as make the process of connecting to prospects that have viewed your profile. The first enhancement for the ‘Boost’ feature allows a user to endorse up to 100 of their 1st degree connections.

If you have been following the basic network marketing process for LinkedIn:

  • Create a marketing focused profile
  • Build a list of prospects
  • View their profile
  • Connect with prospects that view your profile
  • Follow up with new connections via LinkedIn messaging

……then you have probably built a significant network of high quality leads. In most cases this network has grown quickly and some of those new leads may have fallen from your radar. Using ‘Boost’ will help you to reengage old colleagues, prospects, recruiters, and friends. This endorsement capability will get more targeted over time as we make improvements and add settings so you get the most from MakeLinx and LinkedIn.


If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to help you get started or get more out of MakeLinx.


…..keep an eye out for more enhancements soon 🙂

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