14 Mar 2017
by Josh McBride
Question Answer
Why can I only view 800 profiles a day? LinkedIn has a cap on how many profiles you can view in a day before you get flagged. MakeLinx caps you at 800 profile views a day so you don’t hit LinkedIn’s cap.
How many profiles can I view in a day? You can view 800 profiles a day. To see how many profiles you have viewed for the day, start a viewing a list and check the status on the view tab.
How do I rename a list? Currently, MakeLinx does not allow you to rename a list after it has been saved.
Can I view more than one list at a time? MakeLinx does not currently allow viewing of more than one list at a time.
What happens if my list has more profiles than I can view in a day? Once you hit the daily viewing cap, MakeLinx will immediately pause viewing on the list and you may resume viewing from where you stopped on the list when the daily view cap resets. To resume viewing the list go to the view tab, select the list you wish to view and click the start viewing button.
I have a product suggestion, where should I send it? We love suggestions! Please email them into support@makelinx.com.
I accidentally deleted a saved list, can I get it back? Currently, MakeLinx does not have a undo delete list feature.
MakeLinx crashed on me, what should I do? Email any issues to support@makelinx.com. Please describe the issue you are experiencing in as much detail as possible and include screenshots whenever possible.
My internet got disconnected how do I continue viewing from where I stopped on my list? Open MakeLinx and navigate to the View tab. Select the list you were last viewing from the drop down and click the Start viewing button.

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