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14 Mar 2017
by Josh McBride


Question Answer
Why can I only view 800 profiles a day? LinkedIn has a cap on how many profiles you can view in a day before you get flagged. MakeLinx caps you at 800 profile views a day so you don’t hit LinkedIn’s cap.
How many profiles can I view in a day? You can view 800 profiles a day. To see how many profiles you have viewed for the day, start a viewing a list and check the status on the view tab.
How do I rename a list? Currently, MakeLinx does not allow you to rename a list after it has been saved.
Can I view more than one list at a time? MakeLinx does not currently allow viewing of more than one list at a time.
What happens if my list has more profiles than I can view in a day? Once you hit the daily viewing cap, MakeLinx will immediately pause viewing on the list and you may resume viewing from where you stopped on the list when the daily view cap resets. To resume viewing the list go to the view tab, select the list you wish to view and click the start viewing button.
I have a product suggestion, where should I send it? We love suggestions! Please email them into support@makelinx.com.
I accidentally deleted a saved list, can I get it back? Currently, MakeLinx does not have a undo delete list feature.
MakeLinx crashed on me, what should I do? Email any issues to support@makelinx.com. Please describe the issue you are experiencing in as much detail as possible and include screenshots whenever possible.
My internet got disconnected how do I continue viewing from where I stopped on my list? Open MakeLinx and navigate to the View tab. Select the list you were last viewing from the drop down and click the Start viewing button.
14 Mar 2017
by Josh McBride

Linkedin UI changes and MakeLinx Fixes


If you have not received the UI changes to LinkedIn yet, don’t worry. There is a lot to digest in the new UI that looks more like the mobile app. Some have said that functionality has been limited or removed but from what we can tell, just about everything is there that used to be for premium subscribers.

In our opinion, LinkedIn is still the best professional network and the biggest change that we can see is that the search results has tightened up a bit. This means that you will see less profiles turn up in each search you do but this also seems to mean that you are getting a better target/prospect base. This is great news for what most of you are trying to accomplish with MakeLinx; driving meaningful personal network growth, Lead generation, and maximum company exposure to LinkedIn users. Here is the list of other changes you may see in LinkedIn’s new UI:

  1. Export your LinkedIn Connections – no longer a screen choice, only available on request
  2. Tagging your Connections and Relationship Management – no longer available
  3. Full Profile Details only available if you keep clicking ‘See More’
  4. URLs for your LinkedIn Activity (Posts, Shares etc) – no longer available
  5. Finding out your number of Connections is easier
  6. Advanced Search – no longer appears on the top of your screen
    • Advanced search. You now need to do a primary search on the search bar, and then click on the ‘People’ tab to see further search filters.
  7. Other New Features
    • more stylized layout with a greater focus on the newsfeed
    • new messaging feature similar to Facebook Messenger with
    • chat bot for scheduling meetings with Google Calendar
    • more emphasis on Notifications
    • improved Search features
    • read receipts can be turned on

The new UI has forced us to make some updates to the MakeLinx Extension. The biggest two changes you will see as a user are:

  1. When starting a new search, collection, or view – instead of seeing a ‘background tab’ open, you will now see an active tab open.
  2. The ‘Boost’ tab is gone in the extension. We are rebuilding it to work in a more efficient and meaningful way. *For those of you paying for this feature

The last change is the location of the ‘SaveLinx’ button, now located in the top right next to the ‘Search’ button in LinkedIn. It only activates by hitting the ‘New LinkedIn Search’ in the MakeLinx Extension. When you do you will see a screen similar to this:

screenshot-lh3.googleusercontent.com 2017-03-14 11-28-43

As always, you can reach us through the chat on our website or by contacting support@makelinx.com. We appreciate your patience and value any feedback you have for us. Stay tuned for another blog post about our upcoming update for the new features coming in the next release of MakeLinx.


08 Dec 2016
by Josh McBride

MakeLinx Update – Endorsements!

Happy Holidays everyone!

As many of you have read through our recent email, MakeLinx is going through some updates which will help our users be more efficient with their marketing and sales efforts on LinkedIn. Including some stability enhancements our first round of new features will be added to the Chrome Extension under the new tab, Boost.

While we are still very focused on getting you and your company in front of as many targeted profiles we can we realized that there was something missing from staying in front of those you have brought into your network using MakeLinx. The MakeLinx process still begins with Collect and View feature while Boost will focus on your new and existing 1st degree connections as well as make the process of connecting to prospects that have viewed your profile. The first enhancement for the ‘Boost’ feature allows a user to endorse up to 100 of their 1st degree connections.

If you have been following the basic network marketing process for LinkedIn:

  • Create a marketing focused profile
  • Build a list of prospects
  • View their profile
  • Connect with prospects that view your profile
  • Follow up with new connections via LinkedIn messaging

……then you have probably built a significant network of high quality leads. In most cases this network has grown quickly and some of those new leads may have fallen from your radar. Using ‘Boost’ will help you to reengage old colleagues, prospects, recruiters, and friends. This endorsement capability will get more targeted over time as we make improvements and add settings so you get the most from MakeLinx and LinkedIn.


If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to help you get started or get more out of MakeLinx.


…..keep an eye out for more enhancements soon 🙂

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